Compli With Us Ltd is an Expert Partner company offering a total compliance solution for medical staffing agencies, the independent health sector and the NHS.

Looking after your Compliance

In every heavily regulated industry compliance management is a concern. It is an important issue because it incurs costs without directly generating revenue, but above all compliance failure can place  the business at risk.

Compli With Us Limited has developed a compliance solution, COMPLi, which enables businesses to reduce compliance costs without compromising quality - quite the reverse in fact - and simultaneously reduce risk. The COMPLi solution allows businesses to outsource their compliance processes without surrendering control.  Indeed, in most instances, control effectiveness is likely to improve since COMPLi comes with a suite of purpose designed management information reports. These reports allow business managers to view the compliance situation at a glance across the whole organisation and to drill down as far as individual documents relating to individual candidates.

The COMPLi service is adapted to suit each one of the industries in which it is offered by the addition of specialised modules.